Audio Equipment for Sale in Dorset, VT

Here we have the SL-Q3....Quartz lock direct drive...works as designed. On board is a Stanton D61-there is life left on the tip-and it sounds nice. The headshell is an ADC. Cueing is Technics soft. The base is in terrific condition-I added quality Mahogany vinyl to enhance the appearance. There are slight wear marks on the front-top corners. The cover is good-several rub marks on the interior.....
Here's a real heavy hitter from Yamaha...the D7 is direct drive and manual operation. The speeds hold dead on. There is a slight wobble that can be seen when looking at the bottom of the spinning platter but the top-and most importantly the tonearm-spins level and flat. This condition has no effect on playback. The base is exceptionally heavy....the finish has a nick or two (pic)...but overall ...
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